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Progression Magazine (Eric Harabadian)

Peter Princiotto is a Virginia-based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist showcased here in a somewhat retrospective setting. The prodigious musician and educator has been writing in various genres since the early 1970s and this disc compiles an overview of his vast body of work. There is material here from collaborative projects with his brothers, jazz fusion from the late 1970s/early 1980s progressive group However, bluegrass by way of the Stitch-In-Time band and select solo stints.

Life's Mystery is a virtual smorgasbord of sonic delights spanning the gamut from solo acoustic piano and guitar pieces to chamber jazz arrangements for bass guitar. This writer's personal favorites include some of Princiotto's vocal tunes -- the socially observant Reasons Why and the jazz piano-fueled Good Timing. The brief bluegrass rave-up Leaping Doe and the Paul Winter/Oregon-like instrumental Louise in a Chair are exceptional as well.

Short Take Review (Jerry Lucky)

Peter Princiotto – Life’s Mystery (2010 North America East Recordings) Many of you will be familiar with the prog band However who released a couple of well received LPs in the early eighties before going into somewhat a hibernation period. Founding member Peter Princiotto, himself a multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer has taken the opportunity to remaster both of However’s early releases (and included bonus tracks and expanded liner notes) and has produced a lovely new disc entitled Life’s Mystery featuring a selection of odds and ends that have been kicking around for some time. The promo material calls them a collection of revamped and previously unreleased original compositions. Besides showcasing a bevy of guest musicians, three of these tracks are performed with the other members of However marking kind of a reunion. The music runs the gamut of solo voice and piano or guitar, to more band oriented compositions. A wide range of musical styles are on display; everything from folk-rock, jazz, more proggy things. More than anything the musical feel here is warm and fuzzy. This is an intimate collection of tunes and they're presented that way. Well-crafted and arty in its own way it’s a great disc to sit back to and appreciate the musicianship on display. For more details check out

Prognaut's Review

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